Monday, 23 April 2012

Copper on white shetland, spun

Oddly I tend not to spin my own stuff, which is silly, as I also tend to dye the colours I love. And also the quality of my dyeing makes me very particular when it comes to fibre from other sources.

Anyway, I ended up with lots (and lots) of white Shetland dyed up in various combinations of my Copper colourway, due to me getting confused over a big order.  So I quickly spun 100g up for me over the last couple of days.  I split the top down the middle and spun and plied it into two equal lengths of hopefully matching yarn.  And they were equal too - 72 and 70 m in each half respectively.

More or less all fibre and yarn stuff sorted for Wonderwool now.  Tomorrow I shall sit down with pen and notepad and make the list to ensure all the camping stuff/tea-making-stuff/clothes and what-have-you get packed.  Not to mention the unmentionables....

And I hope this horrible sore-throat/cough/chesty bug thing I've got is gone soon.  I really don't want this for teaching - I canbarely talk.

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  1. Pretty!
    Am typing this with Marks knees flashing at the corner of my eye. Most distracting....