Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nearly dyed up!

This is the last of the fibre I'm going to be dyeing for Wonderwool:
Shetland ready for dyeing
The brown is moorit Shetland, the grey is also Shetland, and the white is a generic British blend that's actually rather nice.  They're all laid out in the long pattern.

And this is it with the colours on, before baking:
Shetland, with dye

I have more yarn to dye, but I'm going to stop on the fibre now.  The weather is so vile - grey and cold and very, very damp - that it's going to take longer to dry, and I really want to have all the fibre packed by the weekend.

I've found a big cone of a woollen-spun silk/wool blend yarn, so that's been skeined up into seven skeins of 300m/approx 120g each, and now I have to decide how to dye it.  With stuff like this, ie not sock yarn, I tend to do most or all of it in one colour so that it can be sold to someone who wants a garment's worth.  So, I was thinking of four skeins in Gothick and three in Dryad.  (Because then if no-one wants to buy it I wouldn't mind using it myself).

Sara's Copper and Littleheart

This is an order I've just finished up - it's rather a large one, so even though it was just before Wonderwool you really don't turn down orders like this.  There's my Copper colourway on both white Shetland and moorit Manx Loghtan, and then some more based on a little crocheted heart that was sent with the order.  The colourway with pink, purple, orange and green in it has delighted my inner colour-monster so much that quite a few other fibres were dyed in it too last week, for general sale.  Let's hope she likes it.

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  1. So wish I could have made it to Wonderwool but alas I am not up to it;hopefully next year or maybe Woolfest this year all being well.
    lovely dyeing by the way looks like you use the same tins I do (Wilkinson AT Worral ?) How much do you cram into yours ? I tend to do about 200gms but it looks like you get more into yours?