Monday, 16 April 2012

The imminence of Wonderwool

Not long now til Wonderwool - less than two weeks.  I have a few more commissions to dye, and whatever I can get done and drying by, say, Thursday, then the weekend to finish packing, listing and pricing.

This was a commission a friend asked me to do - the colours from a photograph of Cornish skies and sea:

Silver Sky, white bfl

She bought all of it straightaway, and there was enough interest that I shall dye a few more of it for Wales.  I don't normally do pastels, but this one has come out rather well, especially on the silk/bfl blend.

 Guinevere long, black and white Masham

The Arthurian colours are still coming out.  This is Guinevere, and I love how different yet matching they seem when dyed on the same wool in different colours - in this case white and black Masham.

Flora long, black and white Masham

Same fibre, Flora.

I love the long colourway, too.  I have moved away from the merino this year, though I still have a little, including superwash. But my stall this year will be much more based on British wool, and coloured British wool at that.

I'm hoping to be knitting a pair of socks in Copper on white Shetland while I'm there, to show people what it looks like, and I must remember to pack the (unworn) Dryad long pattern socks on oatmeal bfl that I knitted at Ganseyfest in October.

I must also plan the little workshop I'm teaching both days at Wonderwool, on handcarding.

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