Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More stuff in pretty colours....

I had another trawl through the bags of fibre again today.  This time I found the merino/silk and black/shetland silk, and not so much green!

Merino/silk in Gold
Black shetland/silk in Gothick - I have two of these.  I love how the dark shetland wool takes on the dye colour in such a rich and subtle way, but the ribboning silk running through it seems to shine even more brightly in contrast.
 This is shetland/silk in Lancelot - turquoise, royal blue and purple.
 Lazuli - probably the most straightforward of my blues, but lots of shades in there if you look.

 This is Triton - much more turquoise than the others.
Shetland/silk in Lorien - slightly more yellowier than Gold, and hints of green in there too.

Merino/silk again, this time in Remnants - dusty pinks and faded blues.
 And finally Flora on merino/silk.  This is one of my most popular colours - dusty rose, clear blue, acid olive green, with all sorts of colours stretching between them as it's spun out.

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