Monday, 28 November 2011

Etsy update and new dyeing

Finally managed to update the Etsy shop at long last. I suddenly find myself in need of funds (Christmas is coming, after all) and I've just sent off a few orders of specific colours and fibres.  As it's not worth firing up the oven for dyeing unless I'm going to fill it, these are what was left after the packages left the building.  There does seem to be a preponderance of green here.

All of these are being offered at last year's prices or slightly cheaper, in the interests of selling!

Old Forest in oatmeal bfl and silk

 Corn on oatmeal bfl and silk
Dancing Birch, on the same fibre blend
 Dryad, on plain oatmeal bfl
 Dryad again, on bfl and silk
 Slightly different - very soft merino, dyed in Dryad long, where the colour changes along the length of the top
 Firebird on plain bfl

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