Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Some old colours, some new...

These three are all a new green which I've called 'Dryad' - quite yellowy and almost acidic depending upon what it's dyed on, in this case oatmeal bfl with silk, oatmeal bfl on its own, and black shetland with silk:

Dryad on oatmeal bfl/silk

Dryad on oatmeal bfl

Dryat on shetland/silk

This is 'Grail' on oatmeal bfl.  I was a bit surprised as to how this came out when I designed the colour, and wasn't too sure, but it's been very popular so what do I know!

Grail on oatmeal bfl

A basic darker green - 'Old Forest' - on oatmeal bfl and silk:
Old Forest on oatmeal bfl/silk

The same fibre in 'Dancing Birch' this is almost acid yellow on white fibre but much greener on darker wool:
Dancing Birch on oatmeal bfl/silk

'Dancing Birch' on shetland and silk.  The silk looks gold in this photograph; it's actually a bit greener in real life, and the wool itself has taken on a green tone.
Dancing Birch on shetland/silk

I've just spun up some oatmeal bfl which I dyed up in 'Dryad' but in the long pattern colour repeat as in the layout shown in the previous post.  It's for socks - so when dry and balled I'll show it.

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