Thursday, 22 September 2011

New dyeing layouts...

Dyeing layout usual

This is the normal way I lay out lengths of top in my dyepans. There are three lots of 100g here, each folded along the length of the pan, so the colour change shifts along the length of the top four or five times.

There's one pan laid out like this in the oven at the moment:

 Dyeing layout experiment

The idea being that the colour will shift only once, in one long change, along the length of the top.  I've had a couple of orders for me and they are in the other two pans cooking at the moment, but these are for me.  There's a white merino, a white BFL, and an oatmeal BFL, currently being coloured with a new colourway, 'Dryad'.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have a stall at both Wonderwool and Woolfest as usual, but am also making enquiries for Fibre East next July.  I didn't apply for this new one this year because, when I enquired, I discovered that dogs were not allowed on the site.  I have subsequently been told, by various people who did get a stall and had a great show, that dogs not belonging to the farmer were spotted around (not including the assistant dog who had special permission).  So I will have to see whether there will be space for me and I'm selected after those with first choice have been offered.

Psamme in the dyeing
Psamme decided to help with the drying...

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