Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wonderwool is over!

And it was hard work, but such fun!  There's a quick report on the Livejournal blog.

So more fibre must be ordered.  The black shetland/silk was incredibly popular, all gone by Sunday morning; people were nearly fighting over it.

The darker colours in the oatmeal bfl didn't go well this year, though they were popular last year - lots more needs to be dyed.

Nearly all my other silk blends - oatmeal bfl, merino, baby camel, grey alpaca - went extremely well (the grey alpaca/silk's all gone too.)

So I shall have the rest of April off from dyeing - I have a costume commission I'm just confirming with English Heritage and lots of knitting and sewing I want to do anyway - and start again in May.  Vast amounts of fibre to be bought in.

Everything is not organised and put away, apart from a ten kilo bag of undyed sockyarn in the middle of the sitting room.  I have a small amount of the British Merino sock yarn left, and I've bought bfl/nylon and high-twist British Falkland.  Yum.

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