Monday, 4 April 2011

Nearly there for Wonderwool

There's actually much more dyed than I've remembered to photograph; I'm really feeling such pressure to get it all packaged and labelled that I tend to forget to get the camera out, even when it's next to me and already on.

Lorien on camel shetland silk
A new colour: Lorien.  Here it's on shetland/silk at the top, grey angora/silk on the left, and camel/silk on the right.  Its absolutely gorgeous on oatmeal bfl, but that seems to have completely slipped past the camera.

Triton on bfl silk
Triton on bfl and sf
Triton, on bfl/silk at the top, and oatmeal bfl and merino on the bottom.

Bluebell and Hyacinth on sf
These two were not supposed to be so similar.  Bluebell is the one with the darker blue/purple and less, paler green; Hyacinth is the other.  I think.  It may be the other way - oops.

Oak King on sf
Drat - I was cross I forgot to photo this before it was bagged, but simply couldn't take the time to un- and re-bag.  This is Oak King, and I'm finding it fascinating how the exact same mixture of dyes changes so much according to the fibre.  Here it's come out dark with distinctly brown tones; on sock yarn it's retained its orange tones.

All I have left to do now is a couple of dyed fleeces to bag, all the sock yarn skeins to tidy and label, and then I should have plenty of time to organise the sacks of fibre (there is no order to them at all at the moment, I've just stuffed the packets in as I've done them) and price, and list.  Phew.  

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