Friday, 21 January 2011


Oops, I hadn't realised it's nearly a month since I've posted here.  I have been doing the odd bit of dyeing and quite a bit of spinning, none of which I have managed to document.  There are a few photos on my camera, but I haven't downloaded any since we had the heavy snow a fortnight ago, which vanished almost as quickly.

There is a large bag of fibre samples at home, superwash merino in 'Gothick', about to go out to the Fibreholics sample bags.

And I'm teaching tomorrow - over at North Cheshire Spinners Weavers adn Dyers.  They're at the other end of the M62 from me, so it should be about an hour to drive but we'll leave much earlier to allow for traffic.  I'm doing a talk in the morning - 'Things wot I have made' - which I last did a few years ago at York Guild and it went very well there.  In the afternoon I'm doing a demonstration and workshop of dyeing/painting skeins and fibres.  So this afternoon I shall organise stuff to take and pile it all up in the middle of the sitting room.  There will be a huge pile: dyeing stuff, several large plastic boxes of things that I've made, and then several bags of my fibre to sell, which I've been asked to bring.

I just wish I didn't get so nervous.  I shall be chewing the furniture later this evening, and probably won't sleep well.  I keep reminding myself that a) I'm good at this and b) the money will be very useful.


  1. LOL- I know what you mean! I used to teach Patchwork/Quilting, but once I got over my nervousness, I loved it. Good Luck!!!

  2. You ARE good at this! Hope it went as well as it deserved to!

  3. If you weren't nervous, it would mean to me that you didn't care about what you do. Hope you had a good time