Wednesday, 26 January 2011

North Cheshire Guild

Once again, I was careful to pack my camera as I went to a guild to teach.  Once again, I laid it out on the table near at hand.  Once again, I completely forgot about it and failed miserably to record anything.

But it was a good day.  I stuffed the van with Mark and dyeing stuff and selling stuff and lots of things I'd made and the pupz and off we went.  There early (which always helps).

So I talked and pranced around and showed stuff for an hour in the morning,and it seemed to go well.  People were interested in what I'd done and asked questions and laughed when I said what I thought were funny things.  I set up the dye table so we could start early after lunch as I think well over 20 people wanted a go.  (Naturally I'd forgotten something essential - clingfilm - but luckily we found some in the kitchen of the village hall we were in).

Mark took the pupz off and they found a nature reserve and country park somewhere, had a couple of good walks, and he had "pudding and chips and peas" for lunch - a North-Western speciality.  He was pleased with finding it, anyway. 

And we were home before five, which was a bonus.  But I'm hoping that someone will send me photos

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