Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sock yarn again

There's rather a lot here. I always forget how long it takes me to tidy each skein up, wind up neatly, and attach a label. And there's a sweater's worth of aran yarn in Twilight and another sweater's worth of chunky in Baranduin. Normally I break up smaller lots of yarn that I occasionally carry (I usually only have sock yarn in stock) into various colours, but this time I thought I may as well dye them up into a whole sweater's worth. Let's just hope people like them.

I did the aran in Twilight because people seem to be going potty for purple at the moment.

Roll on next week and Stirling at the end of it.


  1. Do you put how big a sweater?

    Just thinking that the yarn needed to make a size 16 ladies is a lot less than a 48" men's

  2. Had you had that sat there last week I'd have offered to help but it's back to the day job tomorrow :

  3. Fluzz - mileage and weight will be listed. There's enough for a generous sweater in either. Not labelled yet.