Friday, 2 July 2010

Tour de Fleece

So, somewhat rashly, I have decided to participate in this year's Tour de Fleece on Ravelry, joining Team Tale Spinners. As if I don't already have enough to do. There is extra dyeing being done for next weekend, at Alston Hall, but I shall blog those colours and fibres when all is dry.

In the background is 150g of one of the fleeces I picked up at Wonderwool this year, a Shetland/Corriedale/Romney cross in lovely creams and caramels. Soft but still crisp and characterful. The silk is a Fyberspates tussah that Mark bought for me two years ago at Woolfest, 50g.
I passed the fleece through once, then passed it through the Hedgehog twice more with the silk, making four batts totalling 200g.
Then another one. The darker green is Falklands roving from Amanda Hannaford, bought at this year's Wonderwool. It felt a bit 'overhandled' but given that it's roving rather than tops, it was probably much easier to overhandle while dyeing. Gorgeous green though. The shinier stuff is a merino/silk blend I picked up from Denise/Willo Alpacas at Woolfest, specifically to mix with this stuff. So I blended this is more or less equal quantities, only putting it through three times to leave it slightly underblended which I think makes a more interesting yarn.

These have been hanging around for a while. Cheviot fleece, the Redleaf is one of my standard colours, the blue I don't think I kept the recipe for. This particular combination of colours justs says September to me. I've been planning these for colourwork socks for ages now, I love Cheviot for socks.

Perhaps I'm a bit optimistic, considering I need to start preparing for Alston, I have a throw sitting on the rigid heddle just started, and lots and lots of other things on the go, and we're out both days this weekend. Oh well, faint heart never won fair lady and all that....

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