Sunday, 18 July 2010

More dyeing

Flora british merino sock yarn - 900g

Sock yarn this time, I have an order for 500 of my new British Merino sock yarn in Flora, so I did a full oven-load of 900g yesterday afternoon on getting back from Guild and it's dry already.

The remainder will go up to Stirling with me, along with lots more yarn and more fibre. There's some more of that hanging up drying/dried, but I've learned from experience that it doesn't photograph well on the drying frame.

And I have also now learned from experienced that my sodding Cat can destroy fibre even more than I already knew. I had a 100g piece of white BFL dyed in Pink out on my bed, having photographed - it was a special order and I wanted to send a photo to the client before askign them for money. Luckily I'd dyed 300g for a 200g order, as by the time Tid had rolled and chewed and sucked and kneaked most of the length of the fibre was pretty solid. Buggrit.

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