Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Sheeps - they had better stop breeding!

That's four done now. The newest is the one in the background. I may have to do more due to popular demand - Ma was round this afternoon and it was all I could do to get one of the multi-coloured ones back from her grubby little mitts. There's something about these sheep - they fulfil no practical purpose at all (you can't even use them as mittens) but they are so appealing.

A new colourway that came out of the pots the other week. Called 'Remnants' at the moment, and it's shown on the merino/bleached tussah blend tops that I bought to dye up for Woolfest. When spun up there will be some lovely lilacs stretching out between the pinks and blues.

The yarn on the left is the lovely merino laceweight that came as part of a Ravelry swap. The one on the right is a handspun I did as a quick sample of the BFL/angelina blend (new fibre for Woolfest too) which I'd quickly dyed in my 'Depths'. I had no idea they'd match so beautifully until they were accidentally put together. Although my handspun looks like a much thicker yarn, because I tend to spin an airy, light yarn than has much less grist than it looks like, they will actually knit to the same tension. Now all I have to do is think of something that I can use them together.

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  1. Love the depths - really pretty. The sheep satify something deep down in people I think.