Sunday, 20 June 2010

Quick update pre-Woolfest

Frighteningly, I seem to be pretty much up to speed for Woolfest, which has never happened before more than day beforehand. I have a small amount of fibre to pack, label and price, and my new sock yarn to do the same, and then a few orders which I must bag and write names on so people can collect them easily. But yes, I think I'm there. We're collecting the van on Wednesday evening, probably loading most stuff up that night, and setting off first thing thursday morning, aiming to get to Cockermouth by lunchtime. That gives us lots of time to get the tent and assorted camping impedimential set up and the stall all finished in plenty of time to let us have a relaxed evening. Um - it could all go wrong.

A Twist Collective sock I had on the go last week, that's had to go into abeyance when I suddenly realised that my mystery shawl had to be finished by the Alston Hall weekend on 10/11 July. That was train knitting last week and it's grown nicely - this sock will, I think, be stuck like this for a while. I love how the colours are spiralling round.

Quick bit of handspun from the batts in the last posting. Just a nice structured 2-ply - the fibre is very soft. Shiny too, and I managed not to make the colours too smoothly blended - there's streaks of various blues, the odd bit ofpurple, and some bits are more silky than others.

And this is the first scarf to come to my from the Travelling Handspun Scarf Exchange that I'm participating on Ravery. Must get it off tomorrow. The reddish part is mine - the next one should be imminent so I need to get this on its way.


  1. Lovely handspun! Too bad I can't look at it more closely to see the odd bits of colors in it. Sounds like you've got your hands full with various knitting projects! :o)

  2. Sounds like a good way to be busy.