Saturday, 12 June 2010


I have been doing lots and lots of dyeing, but not much of it has made the blog.

This is what I've done over the last few days - mostly coloured BFL, which a few oddments of superwash merino, in fibre. I did all the British Merino sock yarn today - it looks nice stuff, and there's a new pattern up on Twist Collective that I feel a strange compulsion to knit.

And this arrived in the post yesterday and had to be retrieved from the sorting office. I arranged to swap fibre with the lovely Aurorabee on Ravelry for this spindle that she's made and coloured with indigo. It came with a beautiful bag and a little bit of padding to keep the hook safe.

I had a chunk of BFL/silk that I'd dyed in Steelsheen earlier in the week (it wasn't quite 100g so I'd kept it for my stash), so I stuffed it through the drumcarder along with the lovely silk from Aurorabee and got this:

I only gave it three passes so there are still streaks of purple and pink amongst the muted teals. Lovely.

And while I had the carder out I hauled out a bag of fleece that had come home with me (amongst others) from Wonderwool. The bag was about a quarter of a Corriedale cross fleece, and Sarah D and I split the bag between us. A lovely creamy caramel colour, again I didn't over process this (three passes) to keep some variation in the shades. No idea what I'll do with it, though thinking about it: a sturdy single to weave into a throw/shawl? We will see...

Tomorrow I'm planning to sort out all the fibre for Woolfest and price and label it. Depending upon how many of the huge plastic bags I fill, I think I may even be up to date with all the dyeing, and won't need to do any more. Somehow, I don't think I'm that lucky.

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  1. Love the colours, the quarter corriedale looks yum - you are shaming me into doing things with mine....