Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wonderwool Wales

Oh dear, it seems a very long time since I've updated, but life has been rather fraught both before and after we managed to get to Wonderwool. Never mind, some of that's mentioned on the other blog, but we had a fantastic time in Wales - it's a lovely drive there and back, the campsite is well organised and right bang on top of the halls, and even the dogs were happy.

The unprepossessing blank stall before we started:
All full of stuff and ready to go. We had a really good show; much better on the Saturday than the Sunday, but really it kept going both days. The coloured BFL went especially well.Me, having a relaxed Saturday evening outside the tent.
Sunday evening, wondering how we can get everything back in the van, knowing quite well than there was actually less to get in. We decided to stay the extra night at the showground on the Sunday night, so sat down with beer and a rather yummy chinese takeway to enjoy watching everyone else charge off frantically. We had a leisurely drive back on Monday morning and were still back by lunchtime.

Ahem! This managed to come home with me..... My justification being that, much as I love my two Majacrafts, I really needed a traditional-looking wheel. And having something double-drive is sensible too. And it was pretty. And (and this is a big bonus for a one-off type wheel such as this) it came with FIVE bobbins. And was very good value by the time I traded in my Ashford Traddy (which I don't use and have been meaning to sell) as well. Naturally, it came from our chums Clive and Joan at Woodland Turnery, who we usally camp next to anyway.

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