Monday, 3 May 2010


...I find I am filled with energy and creativity. So I'm rapidly taking advantage of it befoe the effect wears off!

This was today's work: a Lincoln Longwool fleece I picked up from Wonderwool, washed and dyed. I dyed up a Teeswater fleece and put it into about 20-odd 100g bags for Wonderwool, and they'd all gone by the end of the first day, so I know that a locky/ringletty fleece, well scoured and dyed brilliant, will sell well.
The only problem was that this was a really grubby fleece. It should have been much better skirted (in fact, I don't think it was skirted at all) and there was lots of completely matted fleece that had to be discarded completely. I know that longwools get dirty easily, but really, there was no excuse for this. But there was a lovely fleece underneath all the grub - look at the lovely colours, cream through to dark cinnamon and silver-grey. Dyeing straight after washing helps with the final scouring, as the hot vinegary dye-solution dissolves even more dirt. Though it will still need picking out alot when I package. And it will take days to dry. This was by far the ickiest of the fleeces I brought back, so I wanted it done and out of the kitchen. (Rule in this house - dirty fleeces stay in the kitchen until washed - you can imagine how little floor space I have at the moment).
These have been on the go for a long time - travel knitting, and as I've had Pa's car for the last two or three weeks while we've been having domestic excitement, there's hardly any being done. Once finished (ha), they'll be tucked away until Mark's birthday. Probably. Of course, this assumes that a) I remember them at said birthday, and b) I remember which safe place I stashed them in. Oh, the toils of being prepared...
And the yak fibre from the previous post, spun up. Haven't measured it yet, there's about twice as much green as copper, but it's lovely. Had to be tightly spun to counteract the extreme shortness of the fibre, but it's made a lovely bouncy yarn. No idea what it will become.


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful wooly rainbow!
    hope it sells really well for you!

  2. The yak looks really good.
    Love the longwools.