Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sock yarn

This was delivered thsi afternoon, at the second time of trying. Poor Mark stayed in nearly all yesterday morning, but DHL hid around the corner until he popped out briefly then ran up to the door and tried to deliver. I charged home at speed today and luckily they didn't try in the hour between Mark leaving for work and me getting home.

This is my new base sock yarn. It's British Merino, and is a lovely bouncy yarn with a fairly tight twist. 3 kilos, which was a bit scary to buy - I mean, this fibre stuff is only a glorified hobby for me. But I've got Woolfest and Stirling to come, not to mention Etsy on-going, so it seemed worth it. Three skeins are soaking already, and I'll stuff them in the dyepots tomorrow afternoon.

And I ordered lots of fibre from World of Wool this morning, too. Eek.

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