Sunday, 2 May 2010

Latest off the needles....

My runic riddle hat is finally finished - all but the last few rounds done in the van on they way back from Wales, then finished off the other night.
It's actually a triple riddle:

1 Because you can't see the whole riddle when you're wearing it;

2 Because the runes are from one source but the riddle from another;

3 It's a riddle poem anyway.

And current spinning:
I bought this from the Mandacraft stall at Wonderwool: dyed yak fibre.

I spent the other night at home hand-carding it all into delicious rolags, which have all been spun on the new wheel. I shall ply them onto the Suzi.

My main expense at Wonderwool, apart from the wheel and an Ashford rigid heddle loom (second-hand, don't panic) was fleeces. I tracked down a Lincoln longwool for curls and ringlets to dye up for Woolfest (I sold out of my dyed Teeswater fleece by the end of the first day) and several lovely mixed breeds (some coloured), again to dye up with more from the stash and sell. I was amazed how well 100g bags of scoured and dyed fleece was selling - I took about forty, I think, and brought one home. And I didn't even get around to packing up the alpaca...


  1. Your hat is gorgeous.And I am sure Annemor agrees.

  2. I would be happy to buy such hat from You if ti's possible:)