Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dyed up fleeces

I love the fabric created here. There is actually a completed item at the top of it, but the photos we took weren't completely in focus (camera batteries nearly dea) so this was the only one in focus.
A bag of pale grey merino fleece I've had hanging around for ages and ages got stuffed in the dyepots this week and came out rather prettily. To be bagged for Woolfest.

And the same for a Jacob fleece I bought at last year's Masham Sheep Show. It wasn't quite what I had in mind - once again it's dyed up beautifully.

And the last lot of the Lincoln fleece. This was the grotty daggy bits at the end of the fleece that I was going to chuck, but really there was quite a lot of it, so it went in a tub of very hot soapy water and soaked from Monday afternoon until Saturday morning. Another hot dunk before dyeing and it's come out remarkably nicely. The hot colours went very quickly at Wonderwool, so I've done more of these - let's hope people like them at Woolfest too.

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