Monday, 12 April 2010

More and more colours....

I've done lots of fleece this year, trawling nice fleeces out of the stash, ones I've had a while and not used yet, and dyed them in fabulous and mostly saturated colours. Last year I bagged dyed fleece up and they went very well, so let's hope the same happens this year. I've also done some alpaca fleece, but I think I'll have to fluff it up a bit before packing - it feels fabulous but looks a bit heavy.

All the wool is taking ages to dry, much longer than the tops. I have a small bump of white Bluefaced Leicester to do this week, plus lots of sock yarn. I want to be finished at the end of this weekend coming, so that'll leave me with a week to make sure I'm all packed and organised and labelled. Pricing may happen at the unpacking and setting up end.

I just hope the nice warm weather lasts until (the end of) Wonderwool

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  1. Amazing colours, can't wait to see them in person!