Thursday, 15 April 2010

And more colours...

I had a few chunks of Cheviot in the fibre-to-dye stash, so they go trawled out and coloured in. This one's come up particularly brilliantly - it's a new colourway: Firebird

An old but popular colour: Willow, on the superfine merino

I've dyed up some mid-grey Shetland this year, and it's come up fabulously rich in colour, and remarkably soft as a fibre. I do prefer the 'traditional' breeds as fibre; although I know most people seem to prefer merino, especially for felting, I find there's so much more character and versatility in Shetland and Bluefaced Leicester, to use examples that I can get hold of easily. And of course, they come in natural colours too, which I love to overdye. The one above is Twilight, the one below is Blue.


  1. Oh WOW! Do love the fire bird, and the purple. Just yummy. Really looking forward to Wonderwool now!

  2. love the colours, see you at wonderwool:)