Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dyeing and spinning.

Second lot of dyed fibre hanging up to dry. The colours are lots more intense this year - I'm dyeing in the oven rather than on the hob - but these are photographed in haste in artificial light and it's washed them out.
I have a Ryeland lamb fleece that will be dyed in lots of different colours and bagged up in little bags. It always seems popular, and I must trawl out the Teeswater lamb fleece I have somewhere for dyed locks.
This is the sparkly fibre in the last post spun into three bobbins of singles. It's now a 3ply yarn hanging above the bath to dry - I rinsed it through in Mark's bath (before he'd washed!) and hung it above his head to drip - I then left him in the bath while I whizzed up the gym and had a lovely hot shower up there.

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  1. Those colors look delicious! I just want to dive through the screen to see and touch them up close. :) Thanks for your kind note of empathy on my blog. I've been reassured by some other local friends that there are indeed other markets for my work...people who value what I do! Now I just need to keep being brave and seek them out...thanks for the moral support, in any event!