Friday, 5 February 2010


After confusion and worry on my part, I've finally been sorted at Woolfest. I had been offered a free stall in exchange for demonstration during the show; I'd taught various workshops at previous Woolfests and was quite happy about this - luckily Mark is a dab hand and looking after my stall. But it turned out that this year the 'free stall' actually meant a table and display board in the non-selling area of the auction mart. Oops! Anyway, now it's all been sorted - the Woolfest organisers have been brilliant - and I have a lovely stall, next door to The Button Lady so we can help each other out, and I can stop worrying.

Once again there is a 'Sheep Auction' at Woolfest I believe, and I normally enter something; my sheep hats raised a decent amount of money for charity last year, and I won the prize for the judge's favourite. This of course means that I have something to live up to this time. So this yarn is - at the moment - going to make something for this year's 'Fest. Not quite sure what yet, the ideas are still bubbling, but it's Shetland fleece that I had processed into roving a few years ago, spun up semi-long draw into a single which I shall dye and then knit. We'll see.

I haven't done any spinning for ages and ages until this came off the wheel last week. It is a merino/tencel blend that I bought from Pete & Carol Leonard (Spindlers2) at last year's Woolfest, on the grounds that it was green. I spun it into a fine, tight single and chain-plyed it. There is more variation of colour and it's darker than it seems.

I seem to have a thing about mittens; these are the third pair this winter. Kissing Squirrels - I'm going soft in my ancientness.

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  1. We are so sorry you have been worried about this years Woolfest. Unfortunately we havn't the use of the learning centre this year for our workshops. So we have had to re-think our program for this year. We have developed a new and exciting venture with higham Hall to create two master class workshops which will be on the 23rd and 24th June before Woolfest. Our Master classes will be led by Galina Khmeleva from the USA, and Heather Ritchie from Swaledale. All details can be found on the woolfest website. All the members of the Woolclip who organise Woolfest look forward to seeing you again in June.