Saturday, 27 February 2010

Need to spin again

Just before Christmas the 'coven' aka Thursday night mob met at Carol's for some Christmas festivities. We all took some fibre to swap, and I brought home 6oz of alpaca top, overdyed teal and green on naturally coloured tan and chocolate alpaca. It was a little compacted.

So this afternoon I suddenly inspired myself to drag out the Hedgehog drumcarder, and stuffed this through with half as much again of a soft white wool I'd handcombed a while ago, and a generous handful of mostly green glitzy stuff.

The camera hasn't got the colour at all right, and due to taking it by flash rather than natural I couldn't adjust, but it's somewhere between forest and olive. The white's lightened it a bit, and the sparkle adds lots of interest. I fancy a 3-ply yarn in a dk or thicker weight.

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