Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Failing gloriously...

This is the sockyarn I ended up doing my Ravelympic socks in - I just stash-dived and pulled up various colours in most my Sockyarn and some other thinnish dk I've dyed in the past.
Rather foolishly, I ended up making them big enough for Mark. This is the first one done at the weekend, and the second's more than halfway through. These are only being knitting on the train to and from work so they're going quickly, considering. Very simple Ramshorn pattern that I've used in the past - three rows plain, three patterned, and two of the latter are the same anyway. Using different colours too gives an impression of complexity out of all proportion to its ease of knitting.

But oh dear....

I am enjoying this so much, but really - I bit off far far too much. Which I sort of knew, but dived in anyway. I'm a few inches long than this at the back, but not at the front (short rows) and will probably not even get as far as splitting body and arms before the flame is extinguished. The fabric this gorgeous wool/angora yarn is making is wonderful - light and soft and flexible and yet still structured. The colours are exquisite. Probably finished for Christmas, as there are lots of things I want to start/keep on with once the Olympics are over.

Not least - will start the year's dyeing in March. Which is next week.

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