Friday, 13 November 2009

Finished stuff, and spinning at last!

The Elsewhere cardigan finally photographed - I've given up hope of being organised enough to do it on me and in daylight. I've worn it a couple of times and I'm really pleased with the shape and drape, but slightly uncomfortable with the colour, although Ma said it looked good on me. I think it's a bit bright. It will be made again, I'm sure.

This hasn't been worn yet, but I'm sure it will get lots of hammer in the future. I've tweaked the pattern, as I didn't like the garter stitch edging at armholes and bottom, so I've done a stocking-stitch hem with a purl turning row - much better. Long too, but also quite snug - without really trying too much I seem to have got the body size spot on.

And a detail of the neck ties - twisted and cabled self-yarn.

Started spinning this last night during Defying Gravity - I do enjoy spinning (or other anachronistic crafts) when watching sci-fi, it's such a rubbing-together of different universes. This is moss coloured cashmere that I dyed a few years back and then kept back from selling because I liked the colour so much. But there's very little - probably less than 50g - so I'm still debating whether to ply with itself for a very small amount of yarn or run it along another single. There isn't enough to sample. Not the easiest spinning - I had the Suzi on its highest ratio without the accerlerator head and a very light tension, and fluffed up the top preparation so I was nearly spinning woollen with a long draw. There's some pleasing irregularity to the yarn, but that may largely disappear in the finishing.

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