Friday, 6 November 2009

Came home yesterday...

... to this. It was a 100g ball of BFL superwash sockyarn. After an hour's work it ended up being four smaller balls of grubby BFL superwash sockyarn. And then the soddin' cat had the cheeck to try and get on my lap WHILE I WAS STILL WINDING.

Sometimes I really don't like my cat.


  1. OMG! And the cat is still alive???? You really do love you animals far more than I could love mine at the mo... Hat's off to your patience.

  2. opps been there cats have done that!

  3. Cats are lovable, aren't they. We're wondering how our cat Slinki will take to her new home across the street and 2 doors away. Will fellow cat Charlie follow her?