Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Very sad!

I'm sitting here in front of the computer, finding it hard to type as I'm wearing plastic gloves - there are dyepots bubbling in the kitchen, and if I take off the gloves everytime I don't actually need them, I have to use a fresh pair. Typing with slightly too big gloves is not easy. But I'm alternating between watching rowing videos on Youtube and running downstairs when the soddin' pupz decide to tell me there's someone at the door. Last time it was the neighbours shouting at their dog running off; my two are starting to call 'wolf' just a few too many times now.

There is a lot of rowing on Youtube.

I've just dyed some merino/alpaca laceweight yarn, 3 skeins each in Steelsheen (no-one has yet managed to get the LotR reference here) and Triton. Just in is 400g of superfine merino in a new version of Caramel which I'm hoping is not coming up too red, I need 500g of this for an order I've had in. Then I'm might try and motivate myself to get a bit of superwash done in dark greens for Lancs & Lakes Guild in a fortnight's time, and perhaps something really nice for Ambermoggie in exchange for the bike. Can't wait for the bike.

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