Sunday, 4 October 2009

Star Mitts

Latest knitting on the train this week. I think I started these on Wednesday and finished all but the thumbs last night. Those were done quickly this afternoon. Now I have no excuse not to finish the green thing or Mark's (even more overdue) brown gansey. However, I had such a lovely time with fine yarn and little needles that I may feel the need to do more.

I just love the uncharacteristic (for me) detail on these - both fine colourwork and twined braiding. The blue and the white yarn is Baa Ram Ewe's undyed BFL sock yarn - I dyed the blue with indigo myself. The green is a very similar yarn that the lovely Sarah dyed for me in various greens last year. This will feature in it's own thing later; I actually started off with a plainer pair of mitts in this alone, but got sidetracked by colourwork.

I can't write a pattern up for this. The cuff is taken directly from Nancy Bush's 'Folk Knitting in Estonia' (Hilja's Mittens) and the basic star from a DROPS sock design. The braid is the standard twined/twisted two-colour one that I will put on anything, given half a chance. I just can't wait for the weather to get cold enough to wear these.

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  1. Well yummy! Making miss colour work even more now!! Humph!