Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Don't dye in the dark

or at least not by natural light. The colour on the right was my attempt, last night, to dye some superfine merino in Caramel. Unfortunately I have changed the source of some of my dyes since I wrote the recipe and it came out far too orange.

The one on the left is more like it - more brown, not orange, and the white areas were specifically requested. It was an order for 500g, so there's another 200g bubbling away (one left over for sale) and then I've put a blend of greens and the same brown in the other pot.

Merino and alpaca laceweight in Triton. Perhaps a little greener than is showing on my monitor for this photo. I seem to be leaning more towards this blue green at the moment rather than my more usual acid/yellow greens - odd given the time of year.

And this is Steelsheen in the same yarn, dyed for a swap on Ravelry -I have fallen in love with Symphonie multicoloured wooden dpns (due to the lovely Sarah giving me a set for my birthday) so when I found someone offering sizes I didn't have for sale or trade, I was prepared to be generous..... There's two lots of fibre going off with this yarn too.