Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Things on the go, and to be started....

This is growing nicely, the basic tunic loosely based on Piecework's 17thC Undershirt. I started the neck last night (and would probably have made a better job of it if I hadn't been watching 'Flashforward'!) and finished it waiting for a train home. It'll look much better when blocked - and it still smells ever so slightly, and not unpleasantly, of the smoke in the roundhouse on Bodmin.

Latest big project. This, a huge pile of two golden cotton velour curtains

is about to become this, a Pirate Coat!

I can see this keeping me quiet for some time. Poor Mark's on nights this week, and leaving even earlier this evening as he's quizzing in Bradford, so I may just tuck myself away upstairs with the shears and pins and tapemeasure and get started.

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