Thursday, 24 September 2009

Swordfest Shawl

Latest thing off the needles, finally cast off last night. I spun this up from 100g of oatmeal BFL dyed in Northern Lights at Swordfest on Bodmin Moor the other weekend. Spindle spun over two days, between making faience beads, cooking curry for 32, and generally prancing around in the Bronze Age. (Large quantities of sloe gin may have been involved.

I was originally planning to chain-ply it for socks, but the colours were so pretty I decided to use it as the singles, so wound the two cops into one ball, colours all running in the right direction, and started knitting.
This was as far as I'd got when I got home. I started off with five or so stitches on 3mm needles, and increased on alternate rows, two either side of the centre stitch and two on each outer border, making a Danish shawl sort of shape. I threw in a row of eyelets, offset by stocking stitch rows, every 9 rows of garter stitch, and increased a needle size after each eyelet row. I ended up on 4mm needles.

Finished last night, washed and blocked in the dark of this morning (about 5.45!), and photographed on the stone seat by the river in the sun this afternoon.

I think I shall wear this and wear this....


  1. oooh gorgeous, love the colours!

  2. You have just given me the courage to try knitting with my singles...this is so pretty

  3. So pretty! Love the way it turned out.