Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bag hat with tassle

Finished my bag hat in plenty of time to take to Cornwall tomorrow morning. Holds my hair snugly out of the way, isn't much warmer than my hair itself, and has the massive advantage that there is no point of pulling/tugging/tightness that I can get from staking it up or braiding it back. And hopefully no smoke from the fire in the roundhouse either.

It's not terribly easy to take your own photo like this.

This was easier.

I am taking one started knitted project (the green undershirt), two to start (restarting the Cottage Garden in a different yarn, and some handspun for a hood/cape thing for a list on Ravelry), lots of fibre to spin and three spindles. Plus all my circulars, some dpns, various tools and bits and pieces. I hope to get lots and lots done. Of course, the alcohol and firelight may win....

And I'm cooking for 32 tomorrow night, only five of whom are veggies. That'll keep me out of trouble.

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