Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I now discover I have rather a lot on the go....

Twist Collective's Cottage Garden - not to be resisted, floral patterns on a circular yoke. The yarn's the last of the Babe handspun, much more silvery than showing here. Started last night.

Couple of days old, as I've been playing with stitch numbers and gauge.

A project from March's Piecework magazine, a tunic top based on a 17th Century knitted undershirt from the Museum of London. This is the superwash BFL I spun up a few weeks' ago.

Then, of course, there's Mark's Orkney Gansey which has been in abeyance for a few months, but must be done before his birthday this year.

I also have the dark brown shawl, which is turning into a version of Cheryl Oberle's Wool Peddlar's Shawl from Folk Shawls. I started the patterning while watching the last part of Desperate Romantix. I would been watching from behind my fingers if I hadn't been knitting. Oh dear...

Off to Adelaide Walker's now, as I have an order for some dyed BFL tops as, having turned all my dyeing stash upside down yesterday, I have come to the conclusion have none at all. I though I did, but it seems I mentally confused it with some camel/silk. Given my current mental state, it's a wonder more isn't getting confused. At least the knitting is making me feel better about the Disco - at least, I keep telling myself it does.

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  1. So please you've started the Cottage Garden, it will really suit you. Undershirt looks interesting.