Friday, 14 August 2009

Socks and dyeing

Cookie A's Kai-Mei socks finished - I like them much better this way round, which is technically the 'wrong way'. But the pattern looks better on the inside on my feet.

Had a lovely evening last night at the Baa Ram Ewe knit night. 28 people in a small shop, but I ended up with a seat at the table which was good! I rang Ma before setting off to see if I could get a lift up to Guiseley for the bus to Headingley, but she was about to jump in the shower before she and Dad went out to Roundhay for an opening of something, so fair enough. I found out later that Dad had come down to the train station twice trying to find me (but that was at 5 and once I thought I couldn't have a lift I'd gone for the 5.26 train so wasn't there). On the way back from Roundhay they'd gone down the main street in Headingley, found the yarn shop, Ma stuck her head in and asked Verity if I'd gone, which I had, ten minutes ago. I was, at that point, waiting at the bus stop and they must have driven past me twice. Oh well, it would have been nice to get home at 8.30ish rather than 9.20, but that's just the way it goes. My stupid phone had switched off the calling ring which it does occasionally.

The annual Guild dyeing day up at Queensbury town hall tomorrow. I think I have everything organised. I have my instant indigo crystals from Paradise Fibres, which I had a quick go with this evening and now have a lovely navy BFL sock yarn, plus a small scrap skein in a pale denim colour. All my bottles of Gaywool solution are topped up and ready. I have packed newspapers, gloves, dye, electric rings, steaming pots, racks for the pots, stirring sticks, citric acid, cloths, clingfilm, scissors for clingfilm, brushes and squirters, plastic pots for mixing, indigo, large bowl for indigo solution, my own soaked yarn.

Instructions were supposed to go in this month's newsletter, but Ann sent it out a week early due to her being on holiday; I received it just as I was about to send my stuff through. So there's bound to be people who have brought completely the wrong stuff.

Oh well, we'll see. And a tennis racket cake to decorate on Sunday morning - joy.


  1. lovely socks! Dyeing day sounds fun, would like to hear more about the instant indigo crystals!

  2. I loved the dyeing thank you!

    I will sort my photos later today and photograph my dyeings once they're rinsed (they're still too warm to rinse in cold water).