Sunday, 16 August 2009

Queensbury Dyeing Day..

.. has finally rolled round again, and was a great success, again. All I do it turn up with vast amounts of dyeing impedimentia, set up with newspaper on the tables, plastic sheets underfoot, pots for steaming, colours in bottles - quick demonstration and they're off. Last year there was only about six or seven that participated - this year I had sixteen! I had to instigate a queueing system at the steamers (luckily Jackie had brought another upright, 3-layer steamer otherwise we'd still be there) to get everyone through.

I set up a small indigo pot with the instant indigo crystals, but then everyone was so frenzied with painting skeins and tops (and yes, everyone brought suitable pre-soaked stuff) that it sat unwanted for an hour or so. Obviously this was the right thing to do - it worked brilliantly, and dyed lots and lots of yarn and fibre. We had some very successful space-dipping of both yarn and tops.

Very tiring. I don't think I've done any knitting all weekend! Spinning has been done, though, if not photographed and documented. I think, as I'm now on my own at work for the next three weeks with not too much work to do, that I'll take my Little Gem in. Busy tomorrow.

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