Wednesday, 19 August 2009

On the wheel.

On the wheel at the moment: this is Archie's fleece, a grey Corriedale from Denise. It's not what I'd call a typical Corrriedale - most of it is extremely soft and silky, more like a Polwarth, though not as crimpy. There is some coarser, shorter, darker fibres running through is very small amounts - in a coarser fleece they'd be kemp, but not here. There's a beautiful lustre. I have run it through the Hedgehog carder in approximately 50g batts, with a small amount of purpley glitz blended into each one; each batt went through three or occasionally four times. Very lightweight, fluffy batts, that spin like a dream. There's enough resolution in the photos to embiggen and see the shine.

I have two 100g balls of 2-ply fingering weight at work so far, and should have another tomorrow. I'm debating whether to overdye it dark green - I think the grey would give tremendous depth and richness to the green and the glitz would really stand out.

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