Tuesday, 11 August 2009

More socks

Leia, being baleful because I interrupted her cleaning activities to take a photograph. She is deliberately not looking at me.

Not sure about this. It's a 3-ply aranish-weight handspun, a very dark brown Corriedale/Shetland fleece with streaks of green merino. It's sort of started out as an Ishbel, but I'm really planning this as a warm and snug shawl for the winter and if so, then I'll need the depth rather than the length. I might knit a bit more and see what it looks like. I also might pull back and stripe it with similar weight yarn spun from the same fleece blended with tussah. Or perhaps turn it into something like the Wool Peddlar's shawl. We will see.

Cricket knitting - the leg, which isn't visible here, is rather short as I started this on Sunday morning just before going to the test match, and started the heel later that afternoon after watching the pathetic last thrashings of the England tail. It's my own sock yarn, in Beryl, which is possibly my favourite colour of all. Second sock is started. These are on the lovely brass dpns (about 2.5mm) that the lovely Sally Pointer's partner Gareth makes.

They are, of course, Cookie a's Kai Mei socks from her wonderful book, Sock Innovations, which I rather amazingly won recently. According to the pattern this should be the right sock, but I think the leaf pattern looks much better wrapping the arch rather than the inside of the sock.

Stripey Noro socks for Katie. This yarn was a bit of a sod to start off with - it's designed to look and behave like a single (but on reconstruction isn't) so when I started on dpns all it did was twist about madly and catch on each point. So I gave up and did toe up socks on magic-looped circulars - 2.5mm. The heels are afterthought/peasant ones, in the colour of the stripe they were knitted out from. I love how the colours have worked - one thing you can say for Noro, it may not be the best/softest/most knot-free yarn in the world, but the colours are amazing.


  1. Love the cricket knitting - lovely colour and such a pretty pattern!

    Agree totally re Noro...

  2. great socks, I love stripes, I still have a couple of balls of Noro sock languishing in my stash, they may find their way onto my loom, when I started a sock with them, I just didn't like the feel!