Friday, 28 August 2009

Hanging out to dry

From the left: superwash in Peacock, superwash in Sailor, coloured bluefaced leicester in Beryl and then Northern lights. Nicely dry but I shan't get them packed up and posted before we go to Durham tomorrow morning - they'll all go out on Tuesday morning.

I managed to gird the loins enough to wash these two fleeces; I now have no unwashed wool in the house. The further is a Teeswater I picked up at Woolfest, to be dyed and resold. Nice fleece, but it really wasn't skirted enough - lots of wastage. The nearer is a Shetland (cross?) which I picked up at Butser back in May. Lots of veggie matter and even more second cuts, but it's actually a surprisingly nice fleece. I shall comb a bit and see how it comes out. They obviously don't use a particularly good shearer at Butser.

All knitting is growing apace. Photos after the weekend away, in which vast amounts shall be done.

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