Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fresh batts

I had a couple of 100g tops of my superfine merino which I dyed up in what I thought was an original colour, but on later inspection turned out to be a reinvention of my Festival. Anyway, I hadn't dyed carefully enough (certainly not fit to see) and I started to spin some up last night. Not good - I really wasn't happy with the way it wasn't drafting.

So I pulled the Hedgehog downstairs this evening, divided the top roughly into purple, teal and lime, and carded. One batt has been spun and I'm lots happier with it. Probably another hat.

Cake-making took up valuable spinning time this afternoon. Ma has 'persuaded' me to make a cake for her to take to a birthday party at the weekend. It's going to be a tennis raquet - from an Australian Woman's Weekly book of utterly unbelievable representative cakes. I shall have to decorate it (with vast amounts of boughten icing) on Sunday morning, but so far a huge chunk (baked in a roasting dish) of butter cake is in the freezer.

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