Sunday, 23 August 2009

A few skeins

Various bits and pieces done over the last week. From the left: a generic skein of handspun used as the my demonstration sample for last week's dyeing workshop at Queensbury; next two are both indigo from previous evening, when I was checking that the indigo was up to scratch - the left is generic handspun, the right bfl sock yarn from Baa Ram Ewe.

The next three were all done up at Magrat's the Friday just gone: first another BFL sock yarn, then some dk I found, both dyed with weld (mordanted with alum) and then overdyed with indigo, to make a lovely lincoln green. The last is skein of laceweight dyed with cochineal (again, alum), then unevenly dipped in the indigo. I foresee a scarf with this yarn.

Detail of the cochineal/indigo.

Detail of the weld/indigo bfl.

Just wound off the wheel at home. This was a badly-handled and slightly matted top of superfine merino which I'd dyed in Festival. The skein on the left is as it comes and then chain-plied. It wasn't drafting happily, so I split the top into it's colours and stuffed it through the Hedgehog. No idea what it's for, and it may even go up for trade on Ravelry.

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