Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Dyepots again

I have just remembered why superwash merino is such a pain to dye - you have to use cool water for the dye solution. If I use the recycled, hot, already acidulated water that I've just spun out of the previous dyebaths the superwash grabs the dye molecules out of the liquor as it's poured over, meaning the top layer of fibre is too dark and parts underneath are barely coloured at all.

I'd used all my superwash up before Woolfest (still have some, but it's dyed up and packaged and waiting for me to be energetic enough to Etsy it), so I've been in touch with my little chap in Guisely and 5 kilos of it was delivered this afternoon. Nice stuff, too - perhaps not quite so fine as the previous, but fine and nicely textured.

So, I've dyed up the BFL order and that's drying, the first lot of superwash is in at the moment, and I've got one more lot to do tonight.

Popped into Adelaide Walker's this afternoon for the BFL. I managed to get there without being rained on (public transport is idiotic in that direction now - a train and a bus from Leeds, and another bus back to the train to get back to Baildon). They are such sweeties there; Margaret very kindly drove me up to Menston station as it started to chuck it down again as I was leaving. You don't get that level of service everywhere.

Of course, it being damp and muggy it's not ideal fibre-drying weather. Never mind, at least it's not cold.

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