Saturday, 1 August 2009

Decorative dogs

The Nancy Bush Lily of the Valley scarf is finally blocked and finished with. Barely 15" of yarn left, which didn't make for relaxing knitting. Anyone else go by the theory that if you knit faster you won't run out of yarn? (The logical extension of this theory is that if you knit really, really fast - you'll end up with more yarn than you started with...)

Taking a leaf from Marnie McLean's book, herewith some decorative dogs and yarn. I'm sure Bil and Lunil are at least as decorative as Panda and Thea, and Bil being black will go with anything. I think there's a hint of Jedi-ness to this particular shot.

Lunil was a bit suspicious about the whole thing. She very deliberately would not look at the camera. Must spin something pale blue to set her off nicely.

And Bil, again channelling Sidious. There's lots of this yarn - just over 500g but nearly 1000m. Haven't yet decided what it will become, but I have ideas.

Flat smells of wet wool again. I've dyed up 400g of the superfine, which I had soaking with the rest of the order that's been carted off to Summer School this week. I put an extra four balls of fibre to soak, then didn't get around to doing them and had to this mornign before they started to get mouldy. Neither of the two colours are exactly what I had in mind, which just shows that I really ought to pay attention to what I'm doing.

Anyway, I've also been doing sock yarn - some Slate (part for an order for someone who needs some more), some Beryl because I wanted to see what it looked like in yarn not fibre and I could always do with some more green socks if I don't sell it), then there's some Mirkwood and some Sailor about to be tipped out now.

The I have three skeins of Aracaunia aran-weight which I bought cheaply up at Coldspring Mill a while ago in a very wishy-washy turquoise and white. It's about to be overdyed a very deep blue-green.


  1. Knitting fast, so you don't run out of wool, was the reason my Dad used to give for knitting fast, and I believed him!!!!!

  2. busy busy busy!!

    Love the scarf, really pretty - of course knitting faster makes yarn last longer! knitting is magical not logical!!