Thursday, 9 July 2009

On the needles....

The BFL Rose laceweight is being turned into the Lily of the Valley Scarf from Estonian Lace. I did debate whether or not to use larger needles than the 3.25 the pattern originally suggested, but I've gone with this - any larger and I think the background fabric might be too holey to show off the deliberate eyelets. The colour is shading nicely.

The Lavendel socks, now painted, blocked and finished. The blue is actually more purple than my monitor at least is showing - I didn't have time to fiddle with colour balances.

Off to Alston Hall near Preston tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, with Ma. An annual event with varied teachers (me, last year!), this year I'm ostensibly signed in with Pete and Carol for a weekend's spindling. On the other hand, I'm taking up lots of green BFL superwash top, the Suzie, two knitting projects (the scarf above and a pair of socks to cast on) and all my sock knitting books (of which I have an embarassing amount). Ma is booked in for the basket making from natural materials course.

Desperately need sleep, which is why I'm blogging after 11pm with a getting up time tomorrow of 5.20... It's that bloody Torchwood again. No way could I go straight to bed after all that furious durm und strang and despair and end of the worldness without a bit of a climbdown. Phew. And they'll be at least two of us in the bar tomorrow night, watching the last part.

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  1. Stunning socks! Love the colours. The rose on the scarf is looking pretty special too. Hope you have a good weekend.