Thursday, 23 July 2009

Latest spinning

This is particularly yummy, and I've really enjoyed spinning this up. About 500g of superwash BFL, from last year's Woolfest, which I dyed up around Christmas in a variant of my Mirkwood colourway. It's slightly greener than showing here. I finally did something about it over the weekend.

Singles all ready to be plied up. I spun long draw from the fold, pulling chunks of the top. About four and a quarter bobbins' worth, which will be tricky to divide equally into a three ply. But I'm not intending to pay any attention to where the colours fall (which works much better in a 3 than a 2ply) so I shall juggle about until I come out even (sort of) at the end.

This arrived this afternoon. A friend of Ma's, whose husband used to spin, asked Ma if I could find a home for this. To say this is pushing 40 years old (shape of maidens and type of flyer give it away), and has been in an attic for years, it's in excellent nick. A bit of oil, a quick replacement brake band, and I spun quite happily. Needs more of course - I shall replace or have the flyer moderated to give more and higher ratios, give it a new brake band, oil even more, polish well. The original intention was to tart up, possibly decorate with some designs on the drivewheel, and sell on. But Mark has been casting interested looks at it, and spent a surprising amount of time earlier just sitting there, treadling happily. I'll get him spinning yet....

Off the needles at the weekend, Nancy Bush's Mamluke Socks. (And yes, I want to add the extra 'e' all the time). Antique sock yarn, the gold was overdyed by me over grey. I ran out of gold (barely a yard left of the teal) so the last toe is grey and teal. Lovely socks to knit, I feel an urge to get another two-colour sock on the go, but the heel - satisfying though it was to knit - is useless for feet with an instep as high as mine.


  1. Great spinning and you must do another longdraw class soon as I just can't seem to spin rovings longdraw for some reason :(
    Great to hear that Mark is showing interset in spinning as well but wait until the two of you are fighting over a lovely fleece to spin ;)
    Those socks are fab :)

  2. ooooooooooooo!!! Absolutely gorgeous colors all around. I'm in love with Mirkwood.