Monday, 6 July 2009

Estonian Lace and other things

This is the sampler I knitted in Saturday's class - those nupp things are addictive. And I loved how the yarn - a BFL lace that I have a cone of) has come out. Will have do do more.

Off the needles this evening - I cast on the second just as Torchwood was starting, just as well it's nearly plain ribbing, couldn't have done anything complicated what with all that excitement! These are the Lavendel socks from Stephanie van der Linden's lovely sock book, which is all in German. So the heel is a Halfhandkerchief (which we did in Friday's class) and the toe is a square ordinary one. I have plans for painting them when the pair is done.

And having started these socks, I managed to list my sock yarn on Ravelry. I have some to list on Etsy that didn't sell (!) at Woolfest, and lots still to dye. I've ordered more, and the dyepots will be coming out soon.

Finally got a bit of spinning done at last. This is my naturally coloured BFL top, in Rose. I love this fibre - dyes beautifully, spins nicely, stays light and airy. What's not to love?

Managed to spin a 100g pack to fine singles and ply to laceweight between the start of the Men's Singles Final and going to bed last night. With a small amount of taking out and slipping back in I managed to get the two halves of the split length of top to match perfectly in the plying. There should be enough for one of the scarves in the Estonian lace book.

I haven't photographed the samples from Friday's class, because honestly a little heap of sock heels (no matter how beautifully executed ahem) isn't going to bring the house down with excitement. There's a few more in the original Folk Socks book, so I may do those to complete the set this weekend.


  1. Love the yarn. A really pretty sock too.

  2. I came across your blog when I was searching for info on Estonian lace. I too knit while watching tennis, as well as soccer/football matches.
    Although I can get pretty worked up durring a good tennis match, like the Wimbledon final.
    Torchwood and Doctor Who definatly get to exciting for me to focus on knitting.
    Well all that being said, I'm am quite new to this whole blog thing. I figured I'd have a go at it.