Monday, 22 June 2009

That's it - I'm done!

The last lot of preparation for Woolfest - drumcarded batts: nine of Sockstuff in various colours, one BFL and silk and one alpaca and silk. There's about three hours work here, and it's been humid and thundery here this afternoon. Poor Bil kept trying to hide under my legs and ended up tripping me.

Construction of a Sockstuff Batt:

Weigh out over 100g of dyed sockstuff bits - this is the last of the broken tops in superwash wool/nylon 80/20.

First loading of the carder - this is my new Hedgehog one, and I can make much bigger batts much more easily. Lovely machine!

This is what the green and yellow looks like after one pass.

This is after the second pass - as it will be split again for the final loading of the carder, this is sufficiently blended.

First pass of the second colour blend.

Second pass; look how quickly the colours blend.

Three batts ready to make the final ones.

I spread a third of the yellow batt across the whole width of the drum.

The orange is then loaded across one half, over the yellow.

Then the green over the other half.

Batt pulled off and rolled up with the yellow to the inside.

I then make three more (which is where the new carder comes in, the other two will only manage four batts to 100g, this one can split it into three!), roll them neatly and put them in a cellophane bag. Neatly label, price, and add to the Woolfest pile.


  1. great to see how you do this, as I obviously won't make it to your drumcarding workshop at Woolfest! eek see you soon!

  2. pretty colours... yummmmm....